Wellness Checks

Whether it’s time for your pets annual check-up, or you’re concerned about their health, we’ll come to you and perform a thorough medical examination. This includes blood and urine tests, as well as any other required diagnostic tests.


We use conventional medicines and treatment, but also offer your pet alternative and natural therapies for a completely personalised and effective, treatment and wellness plan.


Wellness exam appointments are between 30-60mins and all in the comfort of your own home! There is no need to rush through the consultation, which makes for a relaxed yet thorough assessment. Our vets take a calm and relaxed approach, so your pet feels comfortable in our care.


If a wellness exam detects your pet may need more advanced diagnostic tests or surgery, we will refer your pet to a partner clinic to receive the appropriate treatment.


*NB owner/carer must be present for examination and in the case of blood tests the owner/carer must be capable of securing pet for the procedure.