Who is Holistic Health Mobile Veterinary Care?....

I’m so excited to introduce myself and to bring a new way for you to ensure good health and wellness for your beloved fur family. My name is Brooke, I’m a veterinarian, animal lover, wellness advocate and holistic health practitioner. This is my passion and I love what I do.

Having worked in various clinics around Australia and most recently been an owner of a local Brisbane clinic, I realised just how much stress is placed on our pets when they need to visit the vet. They could be suffering with illness, already have problems with anxiety or just need a general check up. Either way, why put unnecessary stress and anxiety on to them. This is why I started Holistic Health Mobile Veterinary Care. I bring the clinic to you so that your pets can be examined and treated in the comfort of their familiar surroundings, thereby reducing the impact stress, fear and anxiety has on their little bodies… more on this in a later blog.

So what do we do?...

Well, I am a vet so I do all the normal vet stuff like wellness examinations, vaccinations, diagnostic tests and treatments however, I also have experience with a range of alternative therapies such as Chinese medicine, acupuncture, naturopathy, natural whole food diets, essential oils, myofunctional therapy and rehabilitation. I enjoy it all and find the best outcomes arise from taking a holistic

approach and using a combination of modalities. Each pet is an individual and as such their treatment plan should reflect this. So, if you decide alternative treatments are not for your pet or you want to try to avoid mainstream treatments and medication, then we can tailor a treatment plan with this in mind. What we end up with will always be what is best for your fur baby.


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