Pet Massage

Yes, pets can benefit from massage as well!


Myofunctional Therapy or massage can be used to support conditions such as arthritis, stiffness, skin problems and anxiety. It can also be used successfully in rehabilitation programs after surgery or injury. Similar to humans, massage is not used to cure illnesses or diseases, but it can help break the cycle of ‘pain-tension-more-pain’ evident in many conditions.


The mechanical effects of massage to the soft tissues may help relieve tense muscles through relaxation. Decreased pain and increased mobility may also improve circulation and lymphatic flow.


While massage is often used to support symptoms of medical conditions, it can also be used as a general health remedy for our furry friends. Massage may have a positive effect on the nervous system – reduced stress and anxiety can improve general wellbeing and strengthen the immune system. Massage treatments are particularly beneficial for dogs in training or competition, show animals or rescue pets.


Holistic Health provides myofunctional therapy as a solo treatment or combined with various other modalities for a complete wellness or rehabilitation program.