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We believe an integrative approach to illness and disease can create the best outcomes for our patients and promote lifelong good health and wellbeing. We are fully qualified and experienced veterinarians, accredited, FEAR FREE practitioners – we have experience with, and knowledge of, natural therapies to create the best outcome for your pet’s mind, body and overall wellbeing.

We perform wellness exams using standard veterinary equipment along with Chinese medicine and natural therapy approaches. If diagnostic tests are needed, we have the equipment to do blood and urine tests, titre tests, ear and eye examinations and cytological examination.    

Our specialised vet van contains veterinary medications and herbal medicines, as well as vaccines, titre tests & supplements.  We have special arrangements with various veterinary clinics to be able to provide locations for required surgery or advanced diagnostics.

If you are unable to transport your pet to the provided clinic, our vans are equipped with safe travel options for all sizes & breeds of pets.  A small transport fee may apply.











Get to know Dr Brooke Steenstra BSc BVSc (hons)

Dr. Brooke was born to work with animals. Upon completing her degree in Marine Biology and Psychology, Dr. Brooke embarked on her journey as a Marine Mammal Trainer. While she absolutely loved her job, she felt there was more in her and more to offer the animals she worked with. So, she became a vet.

After working in the industry, Dr. Brooke pursued further learning in alternative therapies to complement her veterinary medicine skills. What she found was this approach took her veterinary care to a more rounded and complete level of care. Through her practice, Dr. Brooke has witnessed many amazing results from an integrated approach to conventional and alternative veterinary treatments.

Through this holistic journey. Dr. Brooke has acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to provide your pet with a perfect, personalised plan to good health.

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